Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) state’s important requirements regarding your use of 123hp.co.uk computer support service and 123hp.co.uk your relationship with 123hp.co.uk. You should read them carefully as they contain important information and instructions pertaining to your and our rights and obligations for the 123hp.co.uk service.


These terms and conditions, together with each accepted plan order submitted by you, the service use policy (“sup”) and the privacy policy, state the entire agreement between you and 123hp.co.uk (THE “Assention”). You Must Agree to The Terms and Conditions with a specific end goal to be qualified to use the 123hp.co.uk site (Defined Below), or acquire services (Defined Below).


Certain terms characterized in these Terms and Conditions are likewise used as a part of the Privacy policy and SUP and are joined by reference to these terms and conditions.


“You” implies Individual, any individual, including any business that you are following up for sake of. “SERVICES” And “123hp.co.uk” All references to “Services” allude to any 123hp.co.uk benefit arrange for that you enter with the webpage through utilization of the site situated at 123hp.co.uk. These Terms and Conditions administer all arrangements available through the site, and any utilization of the site in case of any contention, these Terms and conditions control any plan order form that you submit asking for services (“Service Plan”).

Certified Technician/(S)

“IE TECHIE’S affirmed expert signifies” professionals and authorities guaranteed by the site to play out the services under this assention specialists don’t really hold any affirmations from any outsider unless expressly specified.

Service Plans/Subscription Plans

All References to “Services or service arranges” allude to any 123hp.co.uk benefit conveyed through the site Under the arrangement that you go into the webpage through utilization of the site situated at 123hp.co.uk (The “123hp.co.uk website”) or by calling the Phone number specified on the website.


“Materials” implies any web throws, Download zones, White papers, Press Releases, Datasheets, FAQs, Product Information, Quick Reference Guides, or different works of any sort that are made available to download from the webpage site said materials are the exclusive and Copyrighted work the site and additionally Its providers. The Definition of “Materials” does exclude the outline or format of the webpage or some other site possessed, worked, authorized or controlled site.


“Software” implies a computer program of any sort, regardless of whether claimed by the webpage or a Third Party, whether conveyed by means of download, CD, other media, or other conveyance technique, including customer as well as Network security software. Components of the Software are ensured under Copyright, prized formula, out of line rivalry, and other laws. Submission of Plan Orders; Service Plans You may arrange Services by submitting plan orders through the webpage or by calling the site. Once the site acknowledges the plan order put together by you, then you will get an email from the site. At the Email address that you give or have given to the site as a piece of the enrollment procedure for the services. The site is not in charge of rendering services regarding any Plan order that has not acknowledged. Upon acknowledgment by the site of a Plan arrange, you will have a service plan.


Subject to the Terms and conditions, and the Specifics of each service plan, the site will address your question using monetarily sensible endeavors in giving fitting arrangements under the services. By and large, the site will endeavor issue analysis and an answer via phone, through talk or email, or different means as it regards most suitable in light of the current situation. All endeavors under service arrangements are liable to the webpage’s restricted guarantee, which is put forward underneath for more data, please allude to online documentation or call us. You consent to pay all services expense and some other material Fee/Charges as set out in the pertinent Plan arrange as per the Payment expressions given below.


Services against any plan order will be available once you have made installment for services as indicated by the prerequisites of the comparing plan order. All installments against the arrangement requests will be gathered by the site. 123hp.co.uk has no commitment to render benefits under any service plan if the payments as required under any plan order have not been made.

Money Back Policy

The services are conveyed in a state of the art conveyance stage that permits us to support your computer. If for any reason you are not completely happy with the service, we will bend over backward to determine the issue. In the event that you are still not happy with the same, we offer a cash back approach as follows:

  •  For our membership based plan the money back guarantee is valid for 30 days, starting at the season of procurement. In the event that there are at least one settled issues, the expenses for the membership service won’t be refundable, consent to a discount of membership charges subsequent to deducting charges for overhauling the customer.
  •  For our accidental (one time use) Plans, The unconditional promise is substantial for 7 days, starting at the season of first incident.
  •  This cash back policy does not matter for our trial offer.

Privacy Policy

The 123hp.co.uk security approach, which is an indispensable piece of these terms and conditions, is consolidated here by reference. In the event that you have not yet inspected the site’s protection strategy, then kindly do as such before consenting to these terms and conditions. You concur that past the individual data recognized in the security approach, any data or information revealed or sent to the site via phone, electronically or something else, is not private or exclusive to you.

Service Use Policy (SUP)

The Site service use approach is a vital piece of these terms and conditions and is consolidated here by reference. If you have not yet checked on the site SUP, then kindly do as such preceding consenting to these terms and conditions. You concur that your use of the site, the services, and additionally any materials will fit in with and be governed by the SUP particularly, and additionally these terms and conditions and the security approach generally.

Guests: Limited License To Use Of The Site Website

Services against any plan order will be available once you have made installment for services as per the prerequisites of the comparing plan order. The site has no commitment to render benefits under any service plan if the installments as required under any plan order have not been so made. As a visitor you may use the site and materials (Defined Below) particularly assigned as available to visitors on the site for the restricted reasons for (A) choosing whether to subscribe to the services given by 123hp.co.uk, (B) enlisting with the site and submitting plan orders as it were. The prior permit allows is a non-restrictive revocable license.

Personal and Non-commercial Use Limitation

Unless generally indicated; the services materials and software are for your own and non-business use in tending to matters secured by your service plan. You may not adjust copy, disseminate, transmit, show, perform, replicate, distribute, permit, make subsidiary works from, exchange, or offer any data, software, items or services acquired from the services, materials, or software. Any services, materials, and software are available just regarding services under a substantial service plan.

No Unlawful or Prohibited Use

As a state of your use of the web-based interface’s or any services, you won’t use the materials, software or services for any reason that is unlawful or precluded by SERVICE USE POLICY (SUP) or the terms and states of which this SERVICE USE POLICY (SUP) is a section. You may not use the services, materials, or software in any way that could harm, debilitate, overburden, or disable any site server, or the networks connected with any site server, or interferes with some other gathering’s use and satisfaction in any of the site’s gateway, the materials, software or services. You may not endeavor to increase unapproved access to any online interface, the materials software or services, different accounts, PC systems or systems connected with any 123hp.co.uk server or to any of the web-based interface, the materials, software or services, through hacking, password mining or some other means. You may not get or endeavor to acquire web-based interfaces, the materials, software or services or data through any methods other than that particularly allowed to you under a plan order.

Fair Usage policy; Suspension or Termination of Subscription:

Though the webpage’s has no restrictions on the measure of online support requests for a Subscription based plan client may make during the membership period, be that as it may, every supporter’s use of the support services for the membership based plans are liable to the “reasonable use” strategy. Under this strategy, if whenever, in the site’s sole caution, a membership based plan client is observed to abuse the service by surpassing the level of utilization sensibly anticipated from somebody utilizing a membership based plan for individual use, and afterward it maintains all authority to suspend or end endorser’s membership services. Moreover, the webpage maintains whatever authority is needed to suspend or end any membership services of any supporter that the site, in its sole circumspection, decides are being used • Fraudulently, • By any individual other than supporter, or • For any computer system other than a registered system. Client may end the service whenever by giving composed or electronic notice to 123hp.co.uk: given, in any case, that client won’t be qualified for a discount of any expenses paid ahead of time by client for the Service.

Communications Services

The Site may furnish you with the use of E-Mail services, addresses, notice board services, texting services, chat areas, news groups, discussions, groups, individual site pages, timetables, file organizers as well as other message or communication offices intended to empower you to speak with The Site’s representatives and others as proper to your service under a plan order (each a “communication service” and by and large “communication services”). Communication services might just be used under an accepted plan order, and not for whatever other purpose.

Use of Communication Services

You consent to use the communication services just to post, send and get messages and material that are appropriate and, when relevant, identified with the specific communication service. By method for instance, and not as a constraint, you concur that when using the communication services, you will not:

  •  Use the communication services regarding overviews, challenges, fraudulent business models, networking letters, garbage email, spamming or any duplicative or spontaneous messages (business or otherwise).
  •  Defame mishandle, badger, stalk, undermine or generally abuse the lawful rights, (for example, privileges of security and attention) of others.
  •  Publish post, transfer, convey or scatter any unseemly, base, defamatory, revolting, profane or unlawful subject, name, material or information.
  •  Upload, or generally make available, documents that contain pictures, photos, benefit or other material ensured by licensed innovation laws, including, by method for instance, and not as constraint, copyright or trademark laws (or by privileges of security or attention) unless you claim or control the rights thereto or have gotten all vital agree to do the same.
  •  Use any material or data, including pictures or photos, which are made available through the materials in any way that encroaches any copyright, trademark, patent, competitive innovation, or other exclusive right of any party.
  •  Upload files that contain virus, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, cancel bots, debased documents, or some other comparable service or projects that may harm the operation of another’s computer or property of another.
  •  Advertise or offer to sell or purchase any merchandise or services for any business reason, unless such communication services particularly permits such messages.
  •  Download any document posted by another client of a communication service that you know, or sensibly ought to know, can’t be legitimately repeated, shown, performed, and additionally circulated in such manner.
  •  Falsify or erase any restrictive rights notification, for example, creator attributions, lawful or other appropriate notification or exclusive assignments or names of the starting point or wellspring of service or other material contained in a account that is uploaded.
  •  Restrict or hinder some other client from utilizing and getting a charge out of the communication services.
  •  Violate any set of principles or different rules which might be relevant for a specific communication service. • Harvest or generally gather data about others, including E-Mail addresses.
  •  Violate any relevant laws or regulations.
  •  Create a false personality with the end goal of deluding the site, or others.
  •  Use, download or generally duplicate, or give (regardless of whether for an expense) to a man or substance any index of clients of the materials or other client or use data or any bit thereof. The site has no commitment to screen the communication services. Be that as it may, the site maintains whatever authority is needed to survey materials presented on the communication benefits and to expel any materials in its sole attentiveness. The site maintains all authority to end your entrance to any or the greater part of the communication services whenever, without notice, for any reason whatsoever.

123hp.co.uk reserves the comfortable circumstances to unveil any data as it considers important to fulfill any relevant law, control, lawful process or government demand, or to alter, decline to present or on evacuate any data or materials, in entire or to some degree, in the site’s sole discretion. Any materials transferred to the communication services might be liable to posted restrictions on utilization, multiplication or potentially spread; you are in charge of sticking to such constraints in the event that you download the materials.


You may not make hyperlinks to any segment of the site, nor any materials or software posted therein.


You consent to reimburse, guard, and hold the site, its backups, members, officers, chiefs, workers, specialists, licensors, experts, providers, and any outsider site suppliers safe from and against all cases, requests, activities, liabilities, misfortunes, costs, harms, and expenses, including real lawyers’ charges, coming about because of your infringement of this AUP, abuse or mishandle of an service, or your encroachment, or encroachment by some other client of your account, of any protected innovation or other right of any individual or substance. You will collaborate as completely as sensibly required in the site’s guard of any claim. The site saves the privilege, at its own particular cost, to expect the selective guard and control of any matter generally subject to repayment by you and you should not in any occasion settle any matter without the composed assent of the site. You concur instantly to tell the site of any unapproved use of your account or whatever other breaks of security known to you. Emphatically, we urge you to survey this protection strategy intermittently to figure out whether it has been modified.

Limited Licenses to Use the Website, Materials and Software

As allowed through a service, you may use materials and software (as characterized underneath) posted on the site, or made available regarding an arrangement request which might be available for extra purposes as well as subject to extra limitations.

General license restrictions

Any other utilization of the site, services, materials or software, other than as expressly allowed by the site is denied. Rights to execute, copy, change, display, transmit, disseminate, make, use, deal are altogether saved to 123hp.co.uk and its providers. Figuring out and recompilation of the software is entirely prohibited.

User Responsibility

In connection with acquiring services, you concur that you will:

  •  Cooperate with the site build: We will use monetarily sensible endeavors to give the support to you. Our experience demonstrates that most issues can be redressed subsequently of close collaboration amongst you and the specialist. It would be ideal if you listen painstakingly to the architect and take after the specialist’s guidelines. You should affirm that the following conditions are true:
  •  The circumstance offering ascend to the question is reproducible on a single system, that is one central processing unit with its workstations and other peripherals
  •  You must have information with respect to the hardware system, any product included, and in the certainties and conditions encompassing the incident
  •  The full system, including software and hardware, is available to you and open by you unbounded during any phone discussions with the site’s support personnel.
  •  Software/information reinforcement: You comprehend and concur that the site might under no condition be in charge of any lost or debased software or information. The site emphatically suggests that you at all circumstances keep up an entire information reinforcement and debacle recuperation plan
  •  Account, password, and security: for you to present an plan order, you should finish The enrollment procedure by furnishing us with present, finish and precise data as incited by and required under the relevant enlistment shape. You likewise will pick a password and a client name. You are exclusively and totally in charge of keeping up the privacy of your watchword and account. Moreover, you are exclusively and totally in charge of any exercises that happen under your account. You consent to tell the site quickly of any unapproved utilization of your account or whatever other breach of security. The site won’t be obligated for any misfortune that you may bring about thus of another person utilizing your password or account, either with or without your insight. Be that as it may, you could be held at risk for misfortunes caused by the site or another gathering because of another person utilizing y account or password. You may not use any other person’s account whenever, without the consent of the account holder. Availability of services and materials under force majuere circumstances You therefore recognize that conditions outside of the site’s sensible control (E.G., demonstrations of god, a vast scale episode of another computer virus, strikes, riots, wars, other military activity, common issue, demonstrations of psychological warfare, fires, surges, vandalism, disrupt, demonstrations of outsiders, or something like that) may bring about critical postponements in site’s capacity to plan a support session. You thusly discharge it from any obligation, and concur that the site should not be at risk to you or any outsider for any immediate or circuitous harm at all, subsequent from such deferrals. The site or its providers may, whenever, without notice or obligation, confine the utilization of the service or point of confinement its season of accessibility so as to perform upkeep exercises and to maintain session control.

Exclusions from “services”

“Services” might exclude the following:

  •  Any thing or movement not secured by the terms of a plan order
  •  Service past the term constraints distinguished in your plan order
  •  Problem determination and support that may not be finished as a result of an issue with your computer or other hardware, or their configuration that is beyond our control
  •  Software, including the operating system and software added to the enlisted equipment items which are out of degree for the service plan
  •  Problems that may and do come about from:
  •  External causes, for example, mischance, mishandle, abuse, or issues with electrical power
  •  Usage that is not as per item guidelines given by manufacture
  •  Failure to take after the item guidelines given by producer or inability to perform preventive maintenance
  •  Problems created by using accessories, parts, or segments not perfect with the item or
  •  Resistance with the site design guidelines for settling the query.

Third party software

As some portion of the services, may propose that you procure, install and use certain third party software (“Third Party Software”). third party software is authorized to you by the individual proprietors or licensees of the third party software. You should consent to the terms and conditions put forward by such proprietors or licensees before installing third party software, regardless of whether the site specifically helps you in the procurement, establishment, and additionally use of third party software. The site has no rights to the outsider software and does not permit outsider software to you or make any portrayal or guarantee with respect to the third party software. Your permit to the site’s software might stay in full compel and impact unless and until ended by the site, its outsider licensors, suppliers or providers, or until your service plan is ended as given by your plan order and these terms and conditions. Endless supply of your service get ready for any reason, you should stop all use of the site software and quickly erase the 123hp.co.uk software from your computer. To the degree that we give specialized help and support to third party software or hardware, you should guarantee that you consent to the terms and conditions under which you authorized such third party software or bought such equipment. We make No guarantee that we are an approved specialist co-op for third party software or for any hardware; it is your only duty to figure out whether you need extra rights for us to give such help and provided that this is true, to gain such rights. You recognize that support of third party software or equipment by an unapproved specialist organization may void any guarantee made by the provider of such third party software or hardware.

Third party agreements

As some portion of the services, the site may propose certain outsider services to you. If you subscribe to or generally use any third party services, your use of any such services is liable to the terms of service of such outsider specialist organization. You consent to agree to such supplier’s terms of service and that the outsider supplier is exclusively in charge of conveyance of its service(s) to you and your use of them. Outsider services include, yet are not restricted to specialized support, site, preparing, music, gaming and capacity benefits that the site may choose to set aside a few minutes to time. Infringement of such outsider supplier’s terms of service may, in the site’s only attentiveness, result in the end of your client account and use of service. Limited service warranty the site disclaims all warranties express or implied as to the services, the materials and the software whether in the nature of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, or otherwise. In the event that you are not satisfied with the services, your sole remedy is to (an) allow the site to reperform the services subject to dispute, (b) re-download and reinstall the software. Some of the 123hp.co.uk service plans come with a 7-day limited service warranty as provided in online documentation for those specific plans. This 7-day limited service warranty is subject to fulfillment of the terms for the specific service plan which is in addition to the terms and conditions in this document. The site and/or its respective suppliers make no representations about the suitability of the information contained in the services, materials or the software for any purpose whatsoever. All materials and software are provided “as seems to be” without warranty of any kind whatsoever. The site and/or its respective suppliers hereby disclaim all warranties and conditions with regard to this information, including all warranties and conditions of merchantability, whether express, implied or statutory, fitness for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement. The materials could include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. Changes are periodically added to the information herein. The site and/or its respective suppliers may make improvements and/or changes in the materials and/or the software described herein at any time.

Limitation of Liability

Notwithstanding anything unexpectedly, in no occasion might The Site be at risk to you in abundance of the sums really paid by you to the site under the arrangement arrange that is the subject of the debate. Confinements on activities any reason for activity by you should be initiated inside one year after the reason for activity emerged or it might be perpetually deferred and barred.

Term and termination

The Site may, at its sole circumspection, end or suspend your service promptly without notice if:

  •  You are in breach of any of the terms and conditions (Including yet not constrained to all approaches with respect to mishandle and worthy use of the service) or any permit for third party software
  •  Your use of the service is disallowed by law or is troublesome to, antagonistically effects or causes a glitch to the administration, our system, or the use and pleasure in the site’s other users
  •  The site gets a request from a court to end the service you are using
  •  If the site for any reason stops to offer the service • If you are no longer the site’s client, or
  •  The site discovers that you are manhandling the service in its sole watchfulness, may decline to acknowledge your demand for the service, reestablishment or re-membership taking after an end or suspension of your use of the service.

Severability Waiver

If any arrangement of the terms of administration were held invalid or unenforceable, that bit should be upheld to the greatest degree conceivable, and every other arrangement contained in the terms of administration might stay in full compel and impact. The sites inability to implement any arrangement of the terms of service should not be esteemed a waiver of such arrangement nor of the privilege to uphold such arrangement. No offer the site is accessible universally and may contain references to the items, service, and projects that are not accessible in a watcher’s nation. These references don’t infer that the site means to make such items, services, or projects accessible in such country.


THE SITE claims all authority to correct the terms and condition, and the site whenever by (A) posting an updated form of the terms and conditions on our site, or by (B) sending data in regards to any alteration to the terms of administration to the email deliver you give to THE SITE regarding enrollment. You are in charge of consistently assessing our site to be advised of any revisions to the terms and conditions. Your utilization of the site or the services after a correction to the terms and conditions might be regarded acknowledgment by you of the revised terms and conditions.


This assention and the rights and commitments of the gatherings under this understanding and any debate emerging out of or regarding this understanding should be administered in all regards by the laws of India and the unified conditions of America without respect to clashes of laws rule that would require the use of the laws of whatever other jurisdiction. In the event that client has any inquiries regarding the protection approach at our site, client can E-Mail client request to specialist organization for software and hardware related issues in desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones, devices and peripherals. We are a specialist in results of wide assortment of outsider organizations. We disavow any possession, right, alliance or underwriting of or by any such outsider items unless such relationship is explicitly indicated. For allowed utilize and particular guarantees related with the product, equipment, and peripherals, please contact the significant third party who holds the brands, names, pictures, trademarks, items and services of third party specified on this site.

We usually reply with 24 hours except for weekends. All emails are kept confidential and we do not span in any ways.

Thank you for contacting us :)

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